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The Plot Whisperer: A Groundbreaking Approach to Story Structure That Any Writer Can Master
Martha Alderson
The Death Cure
James Dashner
The First Time
Carr, Shani Petroff, Jackson Pearce, Jenny Moss, Saundra Mitchell, C. Lee McKenzie, Heidi R. Kling, Stacey Jay, Cheryl Renee Herbsman, Janet Gurtler, Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Jennifer Brown, Leigh Brescia, Lauren Bjorkman, Cyn Balog, Jessica Verday, Teri Hall
Learn Me Gooder
John Pearson

Perfume Princess

Perfume Princess - Kristina Miranda Review to come....
Wonder - R.J. Palacio WONDER - ful!
Artichoke's Heart - Suzanne Supplee Peel Away the Layers…
…and you will get to know fifteen-year-old Rosemary Goode, who tips the scales at more than 200 pounds. As part of a post-Christmas/New Year’s resolution, she decides it is time to tackle her problem. At first she tries fad-diets. But, Rosemary finally takes a more practical approach after finding something unexpected. As she sheds the weight, she also leaves behind the hard, outer shell she’s created for herself over the years to reveal a new healthy, softer, more open-hearted teen.

A romantic sub-plot with the incredibly likeable and keeping-it-real Kyle Cox is a bonus in this story about transformation.
-- Reviewed By Michelle Delisle
The Possibilities of Sainthood - Donna Freitas One of my favorite characters!
Antonia Lucia Labella is immediately likable from the first pages where she petitions the Vatican to name a Patron Saint of Figs and Fig Trees. In this warm and witty novel by Donna Freitas, Antonia’s voice is what propels this story forward and makes readers not want to leave her world. She prays her way through gym class, a family celebration that requires her to wear a candle crown ablaze and, most importantly, for a truly divine first kiss. I was melancholy to leave Antonia behind at the end of the book and hope we will see more of Antonia in the future.
--Reviewed by Michelle Delisle